Why does upload keeps stopping and starting again at around 70%?

  • 25 February 2015
  • 7 replies

7 replies

Same issue here. Not solved at all!
I'm having a similar issue, but it uploads to 100% and then starts all over again
Exactly the same with me!!
I'm uploading an mp3 file, when it arrives at maybe 10% it starts again from zero! I thought it was too heavy, so I resaved it half the size, 20MB, same stuff. it uploads for a bit then it starts all over again. Why?
I'm having this exact issue right now smh
Not sure why this problem is marked as solved. when you look around the forum and on the internet, it's easy to find other people having the exact same problem.
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Hi there,

Thanks for posting on the help forum and sorry about the troubles. Hmm, let's see - I noticed you managed to upload a new track roughly 2 hours ago - that's great! Were you able to sort this out yourself, or do you need further help?

Either way, I'd recommend to take a look at this conversation for basic troubleshooting steps which can help to either solve your uploading issue, or at least isolate the root cause further.