why is my waveform shown as a solid sine wave never encountered a problem like this in my accounts history

  • 17 September 2015
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waveform upload error

9 replies

I just encountered the same problem. I click on a random person's profile, and some of the waveforms of his/her songs are drawn as sine waves instead of the actual sonic content. Here's a screenshot:
I too have the same problem. I feel like it might be a bug because some accounts have it while others don't. I noticed that Pro accounts don't seem to have the problem. But I don't know if that's a factor or not.
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Hi all,

Temporary glitch, should be sorted by now.

with mine it's the same!! please change this.
same for me today, pls fix
I have the same problem!
Hi all,

Temporary glitch, should be sorted by now.


3 years later - still the same problem. Thank you Soundcloud
I've just uploaded the track and have the same problem. Can this be fixed please?

Problem still doesn’t seem to be fixed!