Why was my copyright rejected

  • 15 August 2019
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This makes no sense i wanted to post a music piece on my private soundcloud only for me cause i was only gonna perform this once in front of people, found out the beat i used was copyrighted so i contact the owner of the beat Freeze on Froze and i get a written permission to upload this privately and perform it as long as i didnt make any money, i then sent soundcloud this

(The artist who made the song "D.O.S.A" has given me permission to upload the song to soundcloud if its private. We had a conversation on Instagram where i explained that we only need the track to be uploaded privately, so we can add it to a playlist we are going to use when we perform. He also gave us permission to perform the song too. We will NOT upload the song Publicly on soundcloud at all, at no point in time.)

I then also said that they could hit me up on my mail to get screenshots of the conversation where Freeze on Froze says that im allowed to upload this privately on soundcloud as long as its private and i dont make any money on it! Why in the world was my claim rejected?

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