• 24 January 2019
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We Currently got our third Copyright Strike on our main Soundcloud Site (@blazinghazeaudio1) . Its like a Free Download Label, where we post Tracks that small artists are sending us. While uploading we made a small mistake in the download gate, that made the artists (@joekoshin) a little bit mad. Because we didnt answered within a day, he filled a copyright issue. A few hours after that, we spoke to the artists and found a solution privately. So now we got banned then for a false copyright report because we firstly had the authorization to upload it but then after a while the artist took us the authorization. But after writing it to us we instantly took the track down and made all stuff to make him happy. In case of the copyright message, the message was sent in dutch, where i wasnt able to read. We are a few owners and one of them is dutch but he was unavailable and i couldnt read it. Also i thought the artists rejected his copyright support because we found a solution privately. But now we got banned for a Copyright Issue, where we firstly had the rights. Now me and the artist itself wrote the Support but they tell us there would be still a copyright support about that track. but the artists rejected the copyright strike and the track itself is not available on our channel !

We need help to get it fixed asap as we dont want to loose everything because of that communication problem.

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