"You're over your free 3 hour limit by 7 minutes"

  • 24 September 2015
  • 5 replies

When I go to upload, it tells me "You're over your free 3 hour limit by 7 minutes". I have deleted some tracks already, and checked for any hidden ones. None seem to be hidden, so how do I fix this?

5 replies

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Hey hey,

Sorry about the troubles. You should be all see and ready to upload new tunes. If you're still shown an error message / warning, please try logging out, clear cache & cookies, restart your browser, then try again.

I'm having the same problem. It said I was over by 2 minutes then I deleted a couple tracks and it says the same thing. I also looked at the "hidden tracks" and there was nothing there. Please help!
You’re over your free 3-hour limit by 2 minutes. I m having problem What should I do help
I have the same problem.
When I deleted my hidden tracks, they were removed, but came back after going to the upload page to upload new ones.
I only have about 20 minutes uploaded now, but it still says I am 30 minutes over the limit.