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SoundCloud Update: February 14, 2023 Release Notes

Happy love month, everyone. From SoundCloud to you, here’s a box of product feature updates.

Love is in the air… and so are product updates

–New comments, who dis? Comments just got a lot better. 

To make it easier to read comments, we got rid of the bubbles, put comments on a solid background, and moved usernames and timestamps above a comment. Not only that, but we also added verified checkmarks and uploader status to comments, so you can see when artists (gasp) reply to your messages. In addition, we improved functionality by surfacing the “reply” button and “more” menu, so you can navigate to a timestamp, profile, or reply more easily. Last but not least— we’ve added track names above the comment section. This makes it easier to read and screenshot an engaging comment section to send to your friends.

–Keep shuffling: We added shuffle icons to user profiles. Now you can lean back, shuffle, and enjoy discovering an artist’s entire catalog. 

New on iOS...

—Play, pause, play, pause. We updated our play button for albums and playlists on iOS so you can (finally) pause directly on the playlist instead of going to the player.

Bugs begone

–You are not a square: We fixed a bug where profiles (circle) were appearing as tracks and playlists (square).

–Easier to navigate: The navigation bar is less glitchy, and we fixed an issue where going back on the navigation caused the app to restart. Also, we added a settings cog to go to settings, and clicking on your profile takes you directly to the profile. 

–View more: We made modules on our homepage smaller, and reduced the text size of page titles, so you can see more music without needing to scroll so much.