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SoundCloud Update: March 23, 2023 Release Notes

Here's what's new with SoundCloud in March 2023.

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the SoundCloud app is updating. See what we’ve been hard at work with over the last month to make sure your music listening and sharing experience is top tier.

iOS release notes

New updates just dropped...

Suggested tracks on your playlists: Creating the perfect playlist takes a lot of effort. Which is why we’re helping you curate with suggestions directly in your playlists. Plus, you can always refresh for more recommendations.

Bugs? Fixed. Performance? Improved. Music? SoundCloud. 

No more cut off songs: We know some of you have experienced tracks that cut off after a few seconds. We’ve fixed that in our latest app update. So now you can get back to listening to music in peace.
No missed notifications: Some of you weren't getting reminders that you received notifications in SoundCloud. Now you won't miss a notification again.
Smaller icons: We made icons smaller so you can easily tap through music. Also, they look better, don't they?

Android Release notes

New updates just dropped…

Less scrolling, more music. Track and profiles now have a pop-up description, so you can read more about a track or artist smoothly.

Play queue and comments, but in light mode:  Before, comments and the play queue only showed up in dark mode. Now, they show up in light mode for those of you that don't use dark mode.
SoundCloud (in 9 different languages): You can finally change language within the SoundCloud app. Danke für listening.

Bugs? Fixed. Performance? Improved. Music? SoundCloud. 

Less storage space: We fixed up our backend to make the app lighter on your phone. You won't need to worry about SoundCloud when trying to free up storage. Go forth and download on!

Have a typo? We understand.: We improved our search feature, so you’ll be able to find tracks even when you misspell them.


New updates just dropped..

Sort comments on a track: You can now sort comments by track time and chronological order! Now it’s easier than ever to see what people are commenting on a beat drop or verse.

– Additional Creator Metadata: For Next Plus and Next Pro Creators that distribute to Spotify, Apple Music and more, you can now add Arranger, Mastering Engineer, and Mixing Engineer as contributor types on the dashboard when uploading and managing tracks. Credit the collaborators that make your track shine.