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Thanks for an amazing year.

By Rohit Agarwal (Chief Product Officer)

As 2022 ends, we at SoundCloud wanted to thank you for an amazing year. To celebrate, we’ve wrapped up our favorite product updates from this year.

The new, improved, all-in-one platform for artists 

This year, we launched SoundCloud for Artists. The SoundCloud for Artists dashboard provides simplified access to all of your monetization, distribution, and promotional tools in one location. Plus, you can take a deep dive into who your biggest fans are and what tracks they’re listening to the most through artist insights.

For more information, click this blog post.

Our best plan for artists, discounted 

We’re excited to say that we’re continuing to make it easier for artists to grow their careers. For a limited time, SoundCloud is offering 50% off your first year of SoundCloud Next Pro.

Next Pro is our best plan to accelerate your career. It offers unlimited uploads, distribution to all major streaming platforms, access to fan-powered royalties, plus advanced insights, and over $1,500 worth of savings on offers from partners like Splice, Serato, and Tracklib to first time subscribers.

To learn more about the discount, click here

Finally, a play queue on iOS.

We finally released one of our most-requested features: the Next Up queue on iOS. Now, you’re in full control of your queue, with the ability to reorganize and delete songs from your queue. 

You can read more at our post on our community blog. 

We met you on Discord.

We know how many of our users are on Discord and passionate about hearing their favorite tracks on the app, so we worked with Discord to create a bot for our users. The reception was incredibly positive– in fact, millions of you have us to your servers. (For what it’s worth, we love hanging out with you in voice chat, too.)

And if you’d like to spend more time with other SoundCloud artists and fans, join our official Discord server here

Re-introducing your Feed.

Stream was a feature we designed to show you the latest tracks and reposts from the people you follow – but some of you didn’t know what it was. We renamed our Stream to Feed after hearing feedback that the name felt unclear.

Now, with a simpler and more intuitive name, Feed will continue being your home for finding what’s new from the people you follow, with more upgrades to come.

Taking steps towards accessibility.

To improve accessibility on our app, we made it easier to navigate and understand our user interface. This includes adding a background for comments to make them more readable, to help see what people are talking about in the comments. 

Similarly, we added labels to our menu icons to improve navigation of our different tabs. 

From the SoundCloud family to yours, thanks for an amazing year.