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SoundCloud Partners with Fadr, Soundful, and Voice-Swap to Introduce Artist-First AI Integrations

By Devi Mahadevia, SVP of Strategy

Since 2007, SoundCloud has empowered artists with access to tools that support innovation and creativity, making it as easy as possible to share their music with the world. SoundCloud offers best-in-class marketing, editing, analytics and CRM tools to millions. By putting professional music editing and marketing tools in the hands of every artist, we make success in the music industry more attainable than ever.

We’ve previously launched integrations with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) like GarageBand, FL Studio, and Logic that allow artists to upload songs directly to SoundCloud.  As a continuation of our commitment to equip artists with the tools they need, SoundCloud is partnering with AI-powered music technology companies Fadr, Soundful, and Voice-Swap to launch similar integrations.

Assistive AI and other powerful applications of AI technology are top of mind for us, and we were intentional in selecting partners that highlight the best of what the industry has to offer. All three of these companies are using AI technology to open new creative avenues and make the artists’ creative process a little bit easier:

  • Fadr gives anyone the power to create mashups and remixes of their favorite songs regardless of their experience level.
  • Soundful AI generates distinctive, studio-quality music for creators.
  • Voice-Swap allows musicians to transform vocal stems using generative AI to match the style of licensed artist voices.tyy

These new integrations, which will be launching soon, allow artists to connect their SoundCloud accounts and easily share newly created songs through a built-in “Upload to SoundCloud” option that will live inside each individual app. Artists will be able to edit their newly uploaded tracks directly from their SoundCloud profile page.

For more information on how to use these integrations, see our Help Center here.