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What’s new with SoundCloud in November: Curation updates, new creator tools, exciting partnerships

By Rohit Agarwal

The year might be ending, but we’re not slowing down. Read on for more information about our latest launches and updates to SoundCloud.. In case you missed it:

Curation Updates…

New and improved music charts

Charts are an easy way to stay plugged in to what’s trending on SoundCloud. Listen to the top 50 tracks of the week filtered by genre, discover new tracks that are getting lots of buzz, and find emerging talent with our new ‘Next Pro’ Chart, which includes unsigned and independent artists. 

A shiny new search experience

With over 375 million tracks on SoundCloud, there’s a lot of music to sift through. Recently, we redesigned our Search landing page to make navigating our catalog easier. With a cleaner design, genre-based categories, and a more intuitive flow, it’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. 

Daily personalized playlists that match your vibe

We’re introducing new daily “Your Mix” playlists and “Your MegaMix” playlists that are custom-tailored, just for you. These playlists use algorithms and cutting-edge music intelligence to build the perfect mix of songs based on your listening history and engagement on SoundCloud. 

… and themed playlists that know what you’re looking for

We’re also bringing our music intelligence-powered themed playlists to the US. From “pov: it’s 2am and you’re studying” to “Indie Chill” , these playlists use Musiio technology to find the top emerging tracks, filter them by genre or mood, and refresh every Wednesday.

Read more about these exciting updates to curation and music discovery here.

For Creators… 

Playlist tools in Track Manager page

As we shared in October, we’re excited to be revamping our web experience. In addition to track management, you can now create a new playlist or add tracks to an existing playlist directly from the Track Manager page. This feature will allow for the bulk adding of tracks when creating a playlist.

Watch this space as we refresh more parts of the product over the coming months. 

SoundCloud partners with Calm

We’re excited to be partnering with Calm, the #1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation, to introduce new mental health and wellness benefits exclusively for artists. Next Pro subscribers can claim a 60-day free trial and 50% annual subscription discount today through member benefits and join millions of people that use Calm to sleep better, stress less, and reduce anxiety. 

Other Updates… 

Listen loud with SoundCloud on Sonos

We recently updated our integration with Sonos. Now, SoundCloud users can find new and trending music; listen to liked tracks and playlists; search by artist, album, or track; and more. Simply select SoundCloud from the list of music services on your Sonos system and sign in with your SoundCloud account. 

Learn more about SoundCloud on Sonos here. 

Stay tuned for more to come this winter and make sure to follow us at @SCSupport for the latest.