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How we’re bringing you the best music on SoundCloud  

By Rohit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer

At SoundCloud, we’re all about cultivating what’s next in music. That’s why we’re introducing new upgrades today that make music discovery and navigating your homepage a little bit easier. Here’s what’s happening and what you can expect.

New and Improved Music Charts

Want to find the next big track before it blows up? Good news: we’re giving our music charts an upgrade.

Our new ‘Next Pro’ Chart, which launches today in the US and UK, is the place to discover tomorrow's stars today. The Next Pro Chart is dedicated to spotlighting emerging talent, including unsigned and independent artists. We’re also fine-tuning our flagship ‘New & Hot’ Chart to make sure we’re celebrating and promoting the fastest-growing music and artists on SoundCloud. Finally, we’re leveling up our genre-specific charts (Rap, Pop, R&B, and Electronic) with more powerful music intelligence, which means more reliable insight into what’s trending in each genre.

Rather than being refreshed on Friday (with other music industry charts), we’ll be refreshing these lists every Thursday, giving you an early look at what’s trending.

A shiny new search experience

With over 375 million tracks, SoundCloud is the world’s largest music discovery catalog… which can make finding the next big track feel like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why we’re redesigning our Search page to make navigating our catalog easier. With a cleaner design, genre-based categories, and a more intuitive flow, it will soon be easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. 

Daily personalized playlists that match your vibe: Today's Mixes

We’re introducing new daily “Your Mix” playlists and “Your MegaMix” algorithmic playlists that are custom-tailored, just for you. These playlists use cutting-edge music intelligence to build the perfect mix based on your listening history and engagement on SoundCloud. Your Mixes recommend tracks based on your most-listened to genres, while your supercharged MegaMix suggests a mix of all your different music tastes in one playlist.  Discover something new or throw on a playlist that’s ready to go for whatever your vibe is. 

… and themed playlists that know what you’re looking for

We’re also bringing our music intelligence-powered themed playlists to the US. We received rave reviews when we introduced them beyond the borders of the US this year, so now we're taking them stateside.  Refreshed every Wednesday, these playlists use Musiio technology to find the top emerging tracks and filter them by genre or mood. From “pov: it’s 2am and you’re studying” to “Indie Chill” , one user says these playlists “hit the right spot each and every time.” 

An extra-personalized Home

Your homepage should feel like it gets you. Soon, we’re refreshing your homepages to make them more custom-made by highlighting our most personalized content. By highlighting personalized playlists (including Your Mixes, Made for you, Stations, More of what you like), we’re curating your homepage to feel built just for you. You can expect more in the future as we keep exploring more ways to make Home feel more like… well, home. 

Thanks for listening on SoundCloud. We’ll keep making updates that you love, so you can keep discovering what’s next in music.