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Tips to grow your community with Comments

By Rohit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer

At SoundCloud, we know how important fans are to an artist’s career. In fact, SoundCloud is the only music streaming platform that lets artists connect directly with their fans. And with our latest updates to commenting, we’re making it easier than ever for artists  to find new ways to connect and reach their audiences

Below are some examples of how artists engage with their communities to increase their plays and grow their audience. 

Show some love
Like and reply to your listeners’ comments. A quick like or thanks can mean the world to your fans and make a fan for life. It sounds simple, but there’s a reason why people say “one time, Billie Eilish liked my post.” Believe me, this simple action goes a long way. 

Start the conversation

Host an AMA, drop the lyrics, or share the story behind your track in the comments. This gives your listeners something to react to and gets people talking more about your track. By starting the conversation in your own comments, it gives people something to react to. This means more comments, which also translates to more engagement, and more plays.

It’s a win-win
Whether it’s via comments or likes, artists who engage with listeners get up to 40% more listens on SoundCloud. These tips aren’t just empty promises, they’re ways to actually engage your audience and grow on SoundCloud.

And to make it even easier to engage with your comments, you can use the Comments tool in SoundCloud for Artists for an overview of all your comments, so you never miss a conversation.

Now go forth and comment on.