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What’s new with SoundCloud in March: Like comments, share to follow, and more.

By Rohit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer

As we enter spring, we’ve been on a roll. Read on for more information about our latest launches and updates to SoundCloud. In case you missed it:

Comment Updates… 

Smash that ❤️ button

Next time you see a funny, inspiring or relatable comment about a track, show it some love with a tappity tap tap on the new like button.

React with emojis

When liking a comment just isn’t enough, react FAST to track comments with some QUICK emojis. Show off how you feel. We got you! ❤️🔥😂👏🙌😍

Filter by newest, oldest, & track time

Stop wasting time finding the best place to engage in the conversation; use our new contextual menu. Simply click the “Sorted By” button at the top right.

Play exactly where other people commented in a track

Have you ever wondered what part of the track a comment references? Click the blue timestamp to jump to that exact point in the track and 💥 - context!

View reply threads

Lastly, we’be made it easier than ever to keep the convo fresh. Tap the “show replies” button to view a chronological list of comments within a thread. 

For creators… 

New upload flow

As part of our improved web experience, artists can now opt-in to try out our new upload flow.Currently limited to single tracks with basic track data, we’ll be supporting multi-track upload and additional advanced data in follow-up releases. Watch this space in the coming months.

You’ve gotten playlisted 🎉

Every artist wants to get playlisted, it means their sound is resonating with real people and could reach more future fans. But in the past creators were never notified if their tracks were featured on a playlist. Thankfully we’ve changed that: now any artist featured on a SoundCloud Discovery playlist will receive an email letting them know and congratulating them.   

Other Updates… 

New followers by Link Sharing 🔗

With 30 million shares happening on mobile platforms monthly, social sharing is a powerful gateway to foster more onsite connections. Now, when a user lands on SoundCloud through a shared link, they are prompted to follow the link sharer if they haven’t already. 

Updated search experience on Android

In case you missed it, we’ve redesigned our search landing page to make navigating our catalog easier. Android users can now enjoy a streamlined design, genre-based categories, and a more intuitive flow. With over 375 million tracks on SoundCloud, it's easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. 

New education for distribution with Next Pro 💡

As a Next Pro subscriber you get unlimited distribution and uploads, along with monetization, advanced insights, and the best creator tools available. Afterall, we want to ensure you have all the right features you could need in one place. To make sure you can fully discover and utilize  all the tools your Next Pro subscription has to offer, we’ve drastically improved our landing pages. Curiosity piqued? Why not start with our distribution page?

Click here to learn more and get started with Next Pro. 

Stay tuned and make sure to follow us at @SCSupport for the latest.