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Your SoundCloud Feed just got better

By Rohit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer

We’re revamping the SoundCloud Feed. The same SoundCloud-powered music recommendations you know and love are now being combined with a visually exciting, modern interface. Finding hidden gems on SoundCloud has never been more fun or easy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Discover more music than ever before. Feed now has a Discovery tab that presents recommended music and music from people you follow to an easy-to-use, scrollable, visually engaging format.
  • Personalized just for you. As you scroll on the Discovery page, we’ll show you songs we think you'll like based on your listening history and musical taste. We’ll also tell you exactly why we’re recommending a song, whether it’s because you follow a certain artist or liked a specific track. 
  • Sample tracks before you commit. As you scroll, the Feed tab will showcase the best 30 seconds of every song, one song at a time. Artists can select this preview on their own or the preview will be automatically generated using our proprietary AI technology. 
  • Add new tracks to your collection. If you find a new song you love, you can like the song, follow the artist, add the song to your playlists, and comment on the track directly from the Feed tab.
  • Rolling out now. These updates will be available to everyone on iOS and Android in the coming days.
Discover tab of the new Feed


There are a few reasons why we’re prioritizing Feed and rolling this feature out to everyone. First, we’re aware that the way people expect to consume and discover music has changed - and it’s important to us that we evolve to meet people where they are. Second, we’ve been testing this feature for a while to positive results and feedback. Third, this format opens the door for us to innovate on music discovery in exciting ways we haven’t explored before.

Following tab of the new Feed


We know the previous version of Feed was great at helping people connect and keep up with artists and accounts they know and love. Rest assured, that’s not changing. You’ll still be able to do all this and more in the easy-to-reach Following tab within Feed, which only shows you songs and reposts from artists and people you follow. The Feed you know isn’t going anywhere - it’s just getting better.


For artists - this is great news for you, too. By changing the format for discovery, we’re making it easier for your music to find and meet new fans where they are. That means you get to reach an even bigger audience. From First on SoundCloud artist Sojabrat:

“The more people use Feed, the more people discover my music. I rely on Feed to connect with my supporters and engage with many different creators, and to keep my community updated on my journey.”

You can learn more about the new Feed here and find out more about Feed for artists here. Have it already? Let us know what you think!