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SoundCloud Summer Recap: Our biggest updates to SoundCloud

By Rohit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer

As we make our way towards the end of summer, we at SoundCloud wanted to thank you for an amazing year so far. We’ve been busy connecting artists with their fans and shipping our most requested features, so in case you missed it - here’s a recap of our biggest updates and improvements from 2023 so far.  

Your DMs are Open 

SoundCloud DMs are available across web, Android — and finally,  iOS. Now, it’s easier than ever for you to connect with your favorite artists and fans on SoundCloud - no matter what device you’re on.

You can learn more on our community blog post.

Share Music With QR Codes

If you’re tired of sharing your SoundCloud link everywhere, drop a QR code instead. We just launched new QR codes that link back to a track, profile, or playlist. Tap the share button to get started. 

Play Your Favorite Tracks With Widgets 

We heard you asking… Now, Widgets on iOS are here. Access your favorite playlists, albums, and liked tracks - straight from your home screen.

Listen on Android TV

We launched our app on Android TV so you can listen to SoundCloud on the big screen. 

Build Playlists With Recommended Tracks

Finding the perfect song for your playlist isn’t always easy, we know. That’s why we’re helping you curate by adding suggested recommendations to the bottom of your playlists on iOS and Android. And if you want more recs, you can always click the refresh button.  

And For Artists…

Connect With New Tools

There's a lot of talk about superfans these days, but most music services won't tell you who those fans are. But SoundCloud does, through our Fans Tool. 

Fans (currently in beta), utilizing Fan Powered Royalty data, surfaces an artist’s most valuable fans and helps them connect with those fans and with their community in meaningful ways. Now, artists can direct message their followers and sort their listeners through different engagement measures such as comments, listening behavior, sharing habits, and country. 

You can learn more about this dashboard here.

Get Heard With First Fans

Did you know that every year, nearly 66 million tracks across all music services receive less than 10 streams? That’s why we’re continuing to experiment with and improve a new feature called First Fans. What if, within the first few days after uploading, your track was guaranteed to be recommended to people who are likely to be interested? Now, we can give Next Pro artists a real chance at finding their First Fans for every track. 

You can learn more about this test on our community blog post.

Turn A Comment Into A Conversation

The new Comments tool on SoundCloud for Artists lets artists see and reply to all of their comments in one place. 

These updates are just the start - stay tuned for more to come this fall and make sure to follow us at @SCSupport for the latest.